BOOK – Jolly Roger Dog of Hoboken – 1985 by Daniel M. Pinkwater

“JOLLY ROGER – A dog of Hoboken  by Daniel M. Pinkwater ©1985  –  This is a true story  of a real dockside dog in Hoboken who’s adventures, whether embellished or real are legendary in the area.   Jolly Roger was a Chinese Chow x Alaskan Husky mix.

What makes this book all the more entrancing are the abundance adorable illustrations,  created by the author back in the day, on an Apple Macintosh computer in the MacPaint program and printed with a dot matrix printer.  How long ago those days seem now from the first Apple I owned with only a HUGE mouse to draw with (no graphics tablets and pens mind you)

This is an easy book to read to kids and one you won’t want to put down yourself.  It is still relatively easy to find at the time of this writing.


Below is a Jr. High School student’s review of the book, circa 1985