BOOK- 1902 Childrens book -Tales from PuppyLand

This amazing soft cover book is is rough condition but as long as the Chow on the cover is in tact….I really don’t care.   It is so rare and hard to locate.  In years of searching this is the first one I have come across to purchase.

CIRCA 1902 “Tales from PuppyLand” Printed by Raphael Tuck & Sons LTD 14 1/2″ x 7 1/2″  is a charming soft cover childrens book and  is oh so old and fragile. Featuring a wonderful chow illustration on the front cover, the books in this Father Tuck series feature wide eyed animals illustrating adorable poems This book is about naughty puppies.

Chows were just coming onto the scene during this period in history, made famous by Admiral Dewey’s mascot chow on the USS Olympia.  Many news articles were written about his chow named “Bob”, who was the very  first chow with celebrity status in America around 1899. This chow illustration reminds me a lot of some of the period caricatures of Bob in the newspapers and magazines .  Read more about Admiral Dewey and Bob at the RELATED POSTS  link below!